Precooked Cereals and Pulses
This process is used to obtain cereals and pulses that do not require soaking, which offers reduced cooking times when compared to other products on the market. This sector also includes flours obtained from cereals, which are ideal for use in sweet and savoury baking. These are heat treated and are characterised by a low microbiological value that makes them stable at room temperature. 

Our precooking system is the first precooking process for cereals, rice and pulses that can lower standard cooking times, thus creating high-quality products whilst maintaining the organoleptic and nutritional properties of the raw materials we use.

Instant Cup Rice
A quick cook solution which is ready to eat in 3 minutes. This product is ideal for instant cup or sachet packs:

  • Long Grain White Rice BD300
  • Long Grain Brown Rice BD300
  • Medium Grain Risotto BD300

Precooked Rice 
Our precooked rice range offers the following options for quick cook solutions:

White/Brown Long Grain Rice

  • BD380- 4 minutes
  • BD450- 5 minutes 

Medium Grain Risotto Rice

  • Precooked barley- 5/10 minutes
  • Precooked spelt- 5/10 minutes 
  • Precooked wheat- 5 minutes
  • Precooked durum wheat- 10 minutes
  • Precooked white quinoa- 5 minutes
  • Precooked red quinoa- 5 minutes
  • Precooked red lentils- 5 minutes
  • Precooked yellow lentils- 5 minutes
  • Precooked green lentils- 10 minutes
  • Precooked green peas- 10 minutes

Precooked Flours

  • Precooked oat flour
  • Precooked spelt flour
  • Precooked rye flour 
  • Precooked Buckwheat flour
  • Precooked chickpea flour
  • Precooked borlotti bean flour
  • Precooked green lentil flour 
  • Precooked red lentil flour
  • Precooked green pea flour
  • Precooked yellow pea flour

Precooked Flakes

This process enables a lighter version of various cereals to be obtained to be enjoyed at breakfast or as a delicious ingredient in a fresh salad. Pulses are also subject to this process, creating an original, versatile product.

  • Chickpea flakes
  • Borlotti bean flakes
  • Green pea flakes
  • Yellow pea flakes
  • Broad bean flakes
  • Oak flakes
  • Rye flakes
  • Barley flakes

Precooked Grits/Cut Grains

  • Chickpea grits

Instant Products

  • Instant green lentils- 3 minutes
  • Instant white quinoa- 3 minutes 

Puffed/RTE Cereals & Grains 
At S&B Herba Foods, we have recently added puffed/RTE cereals and grains to our portfolio from our sister site in Pavia, Italy. 

The cereals are puffed in our patented, technologically advanced, pressurised steaming process which generates expansion in the grain, transforming its size and consistency. 

These products can be used in a host of applications including toppings for breads/salad, cereal bars and bakery. 

Puffed Cereals

  • Puffed white rice
  • Puffed brown rice
  • Puffed broken rice 
  • Puffed millet 

Ancient Grains

  • Puffed quinoa 
  • Puffed amaranth
  • Puffed buckwheat


  • Puffed/toasted chickpeas (in development)
  • Puffed/toasted lentils (in development)


  • Puffed/toasted flax seeds 
  • Puffed/toasted sunflower seeds
  • Puffed/toasted pumpkin seeds
  • Puffed/toasted chia seeds