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Riso Scotti

In 2012, Ebro reached an agreement to purchase a 25% stake in Riso Scotti S.p.A., a traditional family own business specialising in the production and processing of rice.

Riso Scotti are leaders in the Italian risotto rice market, with a broad array of products sold under the Scotti brand in over seventy countries. This joint venture enables Ebro to consolidate their worldwide leadership in the rice sector through the international development of new listings and specialties.

S &B Herba foods Riso Scotti
S&B Herba foods Riso Scotti
S&B Herba foods Riso Scotti

Traditional Arborio Rice

A typical, Italian superfine variety of Arborio rice with a pearly appearance. The grains are firm and creamy due to the high starch content of the rice.

Ideal for cooking risotto, thanks to its plumpness. The grains maintain their shape during cooking and are naturally gluten free.

Quick Cook Arborio Rice

Italian Superfine Arborio Rice, pre-cooked Arborio for quick and easy preparation

Ready in 5 minutes and naturally gluten free.

2 x 250g pouches in a box.

5 Minute Risotto Meals

A complete Risotto meal, which is easy to prepare and ready to eat in 5 minutes.

We have three delicious recipes: Porcini Mushroom; Milanese and Parmesan in attractive, stylish presentation, with 2 generous portions to a pack.

15 Minute Risotto Meals

A complete risotto meal, easy to prepare and ready to eat in 15 minutes.

here are four delicious recipes: Porcini Mushroom; Milanese; Parmesan and Truffle which are gluten Free with no added preservatives.

Attractive, stylish presentation with 2 generous portions to a pack.

Riso Scotti Gluten Free Pasta

The taste of quality Italian pasta, made from rice and corn pasta, making it gluten free.

Ready to serve in just 7-8 minutes.

We have three varieties: Fusilli, Penne and Spaghetti available in 250g packs.