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Rice, Pasta & Couscous

As part of the Ebro Foods Group, we are able to take advantage of our global sourcing network and offer a wide range of quality rice, pasta and couscous for the retail, wholesale and foodservice sectors.

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rice and couscous image
rice and couscous image

Aunt Caroline

Our Aunt Caroline range of rice is available in 5kg and 20kg bags.

Aunt Caroline Long Grain Rice

One of the most popular types of rice due to its subtle flavour, which perfectly complements both rich and delicate sauces. Milled to remove the husk and bran layer, the grain is slim and long and on cooking the grains separate to give an attractive fluffy effect.

Aunt Caroline Easy Cook Long Grain Rice

This variety has a slightly fuller flavour. Unlike regular white, which is milled direct from the field, it is steamed under pressure before milling

This process hardens the grain, reducing the possibility of over-cooking. It also helps to retain much of the natural vitamin and mineral content present in the milled layers.

It is particularly good for rice salads and Afro Caribbean cuisine.

Aunt Caroline Basmati Rice

Aromatic rice, with very long slender grains, grown mainly in the foothills of the Himalayas in India and Pakistan.

Sometimes described at the ‘Prince of Rice’, it has a fragrant flavour and aroma and is the rice used in Indian dishes. The grains are separate and fluffy when cooked.

Aunt Caroline Easy Cook Basmati Rice

Aromatic rice, with long slender grains. Unlike regular Basmati, which is milled direct from the field, it is steamed under pressure before milling.

Chinatown Double Water Polished Long Grain Rice 20kg

Double Water Polished for a consistent high quality with brighter and whiter appearance than standard Long Grain Rice.

Ideal for use as boiled and fried rice, it is a versatile ingredient for many savoury dishes, essential in Chinese cooking

Peacock Basmati 10kg & 20kg

Peacock Finest Pure Basmati Rice has long slender grains and a delicious aromatic taste and delicate texture.

This Premium Basmati Rice has been aged between 12 to 24 months for greater maturity to enhance its flavour and aroma.

When cooked, this Rice has a wonderful aromatic fragrance and a tantalising, delicate flavour. The grains greatly elongate in length, separate easily from each other and become fluffy in texture.

Peacock Thai Fragrant Rice

Peacock Thai Jasmine Fragrant Rice is fresh, distinctive and aromatic Rice with a delicate, soft sticky texture. The premium and unique quality has made it popular with the most discerning customers from a range of Ethnic communities.

Peacock USA Easy Cook (Parboiled) Rice 10kg, 20kg, 40kg

The parboiling process makes this rice quick and easy to cook, and it yields individual fluffy grains which do not stick. Premium American Parboiled Rice is renowned for its consistent quality and it can be used for countless International savoury dishes, especially popular for Afro Caribbean cuisine.

Horseshoe Rice Cones 10kg, 25kg

Horseshoe Rice Cones is milled only from the finest long grain broken rice. Specifically sieved to achieve coarse granules, creating a free flowing product with a slight texture. Free from gluten, odour and taste. It has multiple applications in numerous sectors, i.e. Fish and Chips – used to coat fish to absorb moisture and act as an adhesive for batter

Horseshoe Marrowfat Peas 10kg

Horseshoe Marrowfat peas are green mature peas that have been allowed to dry naturally. We carefully select only the best peas every year from a handful of UK growers. They are used to make mushy peas and also snacks such as wasabi peas.

Microwavable Rice and Pasta

As part of the Ebro Foods Group, we are able to take advantage of the technology within the group and offer a range of microwavable rice and pasta in a variety of recipes and packaging formats.

Ready-To-Serve products which are microwavable and Ready-to-Eat in 2 minutes.

Shelf stable ambient products, without the need for refrigeration.

Ready to serve cups and pouches in a variety of sizes

Plain and flavoured grains and wheat and ‘wet’ recipes including Rice, Pasta, Oats, Rye, Barley, Wheat and Quinoa.

We are able to work with customers to develop recipes for your own label needs.