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Rice Flour

We can offer an extensive range of Rice Flour products, including Regular Rice Flour, Wholegrain, Ground Rice Low Micro, Pre-Gelatinised, Fully-Gelatinised, Heat-Treated variations, and many more.

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  • Standard Rice Flour
  • Ground Rice
  • Rice Cones
  • Extra Coarse Ground Rice
  • Extra Fine Rice Flour
  • Parboiled Rice Flour
  • Wholegrain Rice Flour
  • Heat Treated Varieties - More

Heat Treated Rice Flour

As well as our rice flour varieties, we can offer Heat Treated Rice Flours covering an extensive range of applications and product solutions.

Native, low micro/enzymatic & dehydrated heat treated rice flour solutions.

Infant grade and organic/bio rice flour solutions

Ultrafine micronized rice flour solutions

Instant precooked cold viscous rice flour solutions

The products above are available in 25kg & 1MT bags, and also in Bulk. More product information and specifications available on request

Key Characteristics

  • Clean Taste Profile
  • Long Term Stability
  • High viscosity build up at high temperatures
  • Excellent expansion ratio under extrusion
  • Less allergenic than other cereals
  • Easily digestible grains
  • Creamy mouth-feel
  • Gluten-Free
  • Suitable for Vegetarians


  • Ready to eat Breakfast Cereals
  • Extruded savoury snacks/crisps
  • Crisped Rice for candies, snacks & granolas
  • Battered and breading systems
  • Infant Cereals
  • Coatings for roast potatoes and French fries
  • Extended in powdered cheeses and powdered sugars
  • Waffle & Pancake mixes
  • Thickeners for sauces, soups and gravies
  • Gluten-Free baking products
  • Brewing industry
  • Pet foods
  • Dusting agents for bakery production