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Our IQF Rice, IQF Pasta and IQF Cereal Grains are mainly used by our customers for frozen ready meals, as well as catering and chilled meals/salads. IQF is Individually Quick Frozen ingredients that have been fully cooked and then quick frozen in separate pieces. The product can then be thawed, heated in the microwave and is ready to eat.
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Ebrofrost is a joint-venture between Keck Spezialitaten GmbH and Danrice A/S.  EBROFROST, with its subsidiaries, is the leading manufacturer in Europe of cooked, frozen pasta, rice and cereals.

In order to satisfy customer specific needs, they have combined their knowledge, skills and experience.  Keck is focused on pasta and pasta nests for the ready meal industry, restaurant chains and foodservice, whilst Danrice is focused on rice, cereals and pasta nests for the stir fry ready meals industry.  Operating with several production lines they are able to provide our customers with individual service of a high quality over a range of specialised products and pack sizes.

Rice & Cereals

Danrice A/S also produces certified organic and kosher rice products. The extensive portfolio of rices and cereal grains has the option of adding salt and/or oil, and the sophisticated technology of our production lines allows for spices, colourings and salt to be added during production at our customer’s request.


Keck Pasta operates using the finest semolina flour for a perfect texture and flavour, with the ability to provide and supply more than 100 variations of IQF Pasta and IQF Pasta Nests. A high quality is maintained while being flexible to individual customer needs and NPD projects.

For more information on our products, please download our IQF Product Portfolio.

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