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Expert Gold Bakery Flour

Our range of Expert Gold Bakery Flours, produced from special varieties of the finest Durum Wheat, offer an innovative approach to new bakery solutions. These can be adapted allowing us to optimise processes and yields, as well as increase product quality through texture and colour.

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  • Expert Gold Pépite -
    • Texture Improver
    • Commonly used in pancakes, semolina pudding and stuffing.
  • Expert Gold Gem -
    • Commonly used in bread, pastries, desserts, cakes, fresh pasta, pizza dough and pastry.
  • Expert Gold Perle -
    • Flavour Enhancer Commonly used in coatings, extruded products and dusting.

All available in a range of specifications to suit individual product needs and improve functionality.

Expertly developed from Durum Wheat, the range of new applications are perfect for specific products. Careful selection of crop varieties allows us to have full control of wheat blends and grain size, meaning that the Expert Gold range can be modified for new and innovative uses.